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The race of aliens said to be commonly seen by people who claim to have seen or been abducted.
There are a number of theories of who they are:
.Some say they are dolphins in the future or past (inhabitants of Atlantis)
.They are our future selves coming back to save us from catastrophe or to get sperm and ovules to mix their race with ours because they are all clones.
.Some say they are co-operating with the US government to trade advanced technology for usage of humans for experimentation. eg. B2-bomber , Stealth Bomber. They just sprung up from nowhere.
The Greys made the stealth bomber.

I got abducted by the greys and they stole my sperm.

The Greys are from Atlantis.
by Stevie-C June 24, 2005
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N: A color.
Alternate spellings
GrEy: British
GrAy: American
GrEHy: Canadian
GrG'DAYMATEy: Australian
by RDDemon May 10, 2016
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the shades between black and white. especially between what is right and wrong. the grey area between what is good and bad.
is talking to a guy I have a crush on behind my boyfriends back considered cheating?

i'm not sure. it's the grey of cheating. it's between right and wrong.
by w8iknowthis1 October 26, 2012
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A special sweet friend who will find happiness and contentedness with friends he's known forever. Though those around him may push him in different directions to do what they want, he will eventually do what he wants, which is to lead a simple, quiet life. A Grey usually has friends for life and since childhood. He takes no sides and is loyal to himself and his ideas alone.
I've known that Grey forever!
by Greys1friend December 02, 2011
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Grey is a word to describe a man who is kind, romantic, fun to be with, a fierce protector and southern gentleman.
Wow, that Grey is a fine man!
by Lynn Stock February 04, 2010
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a emo rat who made a ryan ross shrine in her closet (probably) and cries when northern downpour comes on. she might kill you if you call her kindle.
me: hey kin-
grey: iTS gREy
via giphy
by northerntrash May 28, 2018
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