How you spell pedophile if you are poor at spelling.
BadSpeller2008: I think Ron is a pedifile
PersonofAverageIntelligence123: I think you're an idiot
by WentToSchool April 3, 2008
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when you are 19 and you fuck a 15 year old your friends might call you a pedifile.
"biz, did you really fuck a 15 year old, wow your a pedifile
by joe peppe April 16, 2008
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17 year old guys that talk to more than 1 girl who are all under 15
donnie is such a pedifile
by heeeeeeeeeybaby August 25, 2008
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A file specially designed for use on the foot.
I got a Pedifile for my mom so she could shave off her grotesque corns.
by Tony Kirby November 26, 2010
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the practice of being a pedifile.
That creepy old dude over there practices pedifilism so stay far away from him!
by TD93 April 15, 2010
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A pedifile is someone who likes kids, exsposed Chuck E. Cheese, and song got ruined by subway surfers 😑.
“Bro I love Shane’s conspiracies!”
“Shane isn’t the same after I heard HES A PEDIFILE!!”
“Bro no wayyyyyyyy! He ruined Chuck E. Cheese for me!!
by Unknown46789 August 2, 2020
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Those big vans that are bigger then mini vans and have big windows in them with blinds. Also they can be just normal vans that look like crap and might also be know as a beaner van because it has a window gone and a plastic bag duct taped to replace it. The guy driving the van either has on a wifebeater, a mulet, untied boots with pant legs tucked into them, dark aviaters, a trench coat without a shirt underneath or a combination of.
Did you see that pedifile van? I was afraid somebody would jump out and rape me.


Fucking vans, only pedifiles drive them.
by Teeta January 26, 2008
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