A name for a sweet, kind, rude, mean person. She loves to dance and listen to music. People would call her beautiful and cute but that’s not what she thinks of herself.
Why is Atlantis so mean???
by Puddin4life March 9, 2019
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A lost city that has never been found, but may be located in The Eye of Africa. Atlantis was a city that sunk underwater thousands of years ago. We still don’t know 100% where Atlantis might be, but we will find it eventually.
The lost city of Atlantis is a Underwater lost city
by e1rg April 11, 2020
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is not only the lost city but a amazing woman who's eyes can cause you to loose yourself because they are simply breath taking. she has a very deep soul filled with a lot of heart ache but somehow with all that heart ache she still loves and gives like her internal wounds aren't there. some people mistake her kindness for weakness. the saying sugar and spice pertains to her because she can be very sweet but once crossed the demons within will seek vengance and when she strikes you won't see it coming. she can smile like nothing is going to happen and before you know it she devowers your every existance soul and all.
Betty Page by far visually describes her and carry from the exersist describes her inner wounds and what she can become when provoked. sexiest woman alive but Atlantis can be quite crazy
by Daniel witt October 12, 2011
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Note that New Orleans has only recently become Atlantis due to Hurricane Katrina.
by Miraclewhip September 8, 2005
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Atlantis is an amazing girl you could ever meet. She is beautiful inside and out. One of the most out going girls you’d ever meet. She has the most perfect features; her long hair, beautiful hazel eyes, cute nose, perfect smile with the most perfect teeth, and a nice body. She deserves the world and hoping someone is willing to give it to her. She has high expectations and is very rare so when you have her, DONT LET HER GO. You have to be stupid to let her go. She’s rare, like her name. Like for real, how many girls do you know have the name Atlantis? probably none or probably one. But she’s the life of the party and all the guys want her and all the girls wanna be friends with her.
Atlantis is such a beautiful name for a beautiful girl
by ur love :) October 19, 2020
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The lost city of the Ancients, originally in Antartica, now in the Pegasus Galaxy.
A team from Earth traveled to Atlantis via the Stargate
by SGC March 1, 2005
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Gone for good, never to return.
"You got any of that pineapple express left?"

"Nope. That shit's Atlantis."
by MatthewWM April 21, 2009
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