being really drunk, morphin is getting drunk
i was so morphed off that Noff
by tomptizel December 5, 2005
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For one to be high on morphine. (liquid,pill,powder)
I took 40 mg's of morphine to the dome.........I'm morphed!
by Snowboardguyeric November 17, 2009
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Every "beauty guru" whether far or near, 2 years old or 102 years old, has a fricking discount code for their brushes.
James Charles: use code "james" for 10% off

MannyMUA: use code "manny" for 10% off

Nikkie tutorials: use code-

Need I say more? The gurus need their morphe. (THEY'RE TAKING OVER)
by Definitionerlol July 18, 2018
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In pornography, an image that has been modified in order to make a womans breasts or other body parts larger, using an image editing program such as Photoshop.
those boobs aren't real man, its a morph!
by hendinas December 2, 2007
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when the impossible happens in a video game. sometimes this happens when too graphics overlap or become one.
Wosh: That reciever didn't even catch the ball. It just morphed into his hands.

Bass: There is always so much morphing in football games.

Wosh: I love morphs at 3 am, morphs that never end, dogs that love morphs....
by BASS & WOSH May 25, 2009
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This 5”4 is the offspring of a morph..... “talk to me when your over 4”11”.
by Fj_Master January 24, 2021
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(v.) The process of sexual intercourse in which both partners remain stationary and are subject to back-and-forth physiological switchings in gender. Stimulation is achieved through the friction occurring between the two sets of genitalia constantly inverting into and out of each other.
Hey, baby, I play a mean trombone... IN SPACE. Wanna morph?
by TheLoudestFan April 16, 2009
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