being really drunk, morphin is getting drunk
i was so morphed off that Noff
by tomptizel December 5, 2005
For one to be high on morphine. (liquid,pill,powder)
I took 40 mg's of morphine to the dome.........I'm morphed!
by Snowboardguyeric November 17, 2009
Morphing/Morph: When vvhite people attempt to dehumanize Black people into irrational, aggressive beings when they address complications or concerns in their daily life or work environments that vvhiteness finds uncomfortable due to guilt.

This term/concept is coined by Bianca Nalia of Mixed Messages.
"Karen in HR has been Morphing me ever since I told her about Brett using the N word."
by Bianca Nalia April 17, 2022
Every "beauty guru" whether far or near, 2 years old or 102 years old, has a fricking discount code for their brushes.
James Charles: use code "james" for 10% off

MannyMUA: use code "manny" for 10% off

Nikkie tutorials: use code-

Need I say more? The gurus need their morphe. (THEY'RE TAKING OVER)
by Definitionerlol July 18, 2018
In pornography, an image that has been modified in order to make a womans breasts or other body parts larger, using an image editing program such as Photoshop.
those boobs aren't real man, its a morph!
by hendinas December 2, 2007
when the impossible happens in a video game. sometimes this happens when too graphics overlap or become one.
Wosh: That reciever didn't even catch the ball. It just morphed into his hands.

Bass: There is always so much morphing in football games.

Wosh: I love morphs at 3 am, morphs that never end, dogs that love morphs....
by BASS & WOSH May 25, 2009
This 5”4 is the offspring of a morph..... “talk to me when your over 4”11”.
by Fj_Master January 24, 2021