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A stealth bomber is a shit so big that it touches the water in the toilet bowl before actually detaching itself from one's anus. The result is that the turd passes from A to B completely noiselessly and with total stealth.
"The gent's toilets were out of order so I was forced to use a cubicle in the ladies', I was that desperate. A few girls came in whilst I was in there, but luckily my shit was so big it was a stealth bomber. They didn't suspect a thing"
by fluorescent August 20, 2009
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A stealth bomber is a penis that is relatively small when soft, but upon being erected, the penis becomes massive. Stealth bomb owners generally surprise girls, with the enormous transformation in size.
They may not get the attention like the Lookers (big penises, but don't get bigger upon erection), but the girls like them just as much, if not more for being able to grow that much.
1.Did you hear about John, he stealth bombed Janet into a concussion last night.

2.Julie: Why are you wearing that patch?
Cindy: Justin and I were on the couch and I started playing with his dick
Julie: Oh wow, how big was it?
Cindy: At first it resembled a baby dick, then all of a sudden it grew 13 inches and viciously poked me in the retina.

3.Did you hear about FFumder? He's a stealth bomber.
by joehac January 18, 2007
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1. (n.)A covert sexual operation practiced during copulation. The male partner positions himself behind the female partner, who is on all fours. The male partner begins plunging his member in and out of the females slit. Then the male exclaims "I'm gonna cum," and removes his package from her box. After removal of organ, instead of cumming, the male allows saliva to gather in his oral cavity. He then ejects the saliva from his mouth and onto her back, as he groans as though he were climaxing. The female, thinking that he has already ejaculated, turns around and then he busts his nut right in her face....BUAH!!!
I gave that dumb little china whore a stealth bomber not only once, but twice last night.
by Adolf Hitler jr. April 04, 2003
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Someone who breaks wind silently, and then moves out of the room before anyone notices.
What the...? Oh my god, do you smell that..? Who's the Stealth Bomber?!
by SchwarzerWind September 01, 2003
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New SUV police trucks (Chevy tahoe, ford expedition, ford explorer), typically black with tinted windows, a front ram bar, and concealed siren lights. Stealth bombers are equipped with a small arsenal of firearms a typical police cruiser wouldnt have including shotguns, and/or modified SWAT M-16 assualt rifles. Often the "bossest" police vehicles for the station used by the most street savy cops that know where stoners go to smoke/sell weed because drug arrests are this vehicles primary objective. Stealth bombers are most often found in rural and suburban communities where the police have low crime rates and a large surplus of tax money to spend on unnecessary police enforcement (Greendale). Also known as "Stealth Bimpst" to Frinst speakers. You can run, but you can't hide from the stealth bimpst.
Damn, that stealth bimpst is boss.

Did you just see that stealth bomber pull that dumb bimpst over?

Fuck! That stealth bimpst is a sneaky bimpst.
by Albert Dankinstien May 17, 2009
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When toilet paper is carefully placed on the surface of the toilet water before taking a dump, see force soil, so as to minimalise loud embarassing noises and splash back.
Alex regularly used the stealth bomber technique, like a theif in the night.
by dj_derek March 05, 2003
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