AKA.. 203, g-spot, g-town
Where the Veuve Cliquot and Don P flow like water, and parents liquor cabinets are never safe without a lock. Along with being the underage drinking capitol of the US, almost everybody or there friends has gotten a DUI. The high schoolers can't go through a full school day without skipping class to go smoke pot or do some other drugs. If you don't play lacrosse, squash, or sail you are considered a social outcast. And i wouldn't roll into to town without anything less then 60,000 on wheels, because people do tend to judge by appearance. You have your basic private school kid, who parties a good amount and gets drunk in million dollars houses, buying drugs from a public school kid. The public school kids are pretty damn crazy in this town, i'd have to say supplying most of the town with the drugs and having the most amount of police blotter appearances. The home where ruit was created and played by everyone who drinks.
Tommy: yo biddy, whats good?
Marissa: Let go burn an L
Tommy: I'm in the mood to get swilled
Marissa: I gotta a dutch!
Tommy: You convinced me!
Marissa: so greenwich
by Payton Sanders October 19, 2006
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A town where many rich assholes cut you off the road because they use their money to buy drugs and snort muddafuckin coke all day. If you cross the border to PORT CHESTER it is much better because everybody is poor and mexican.
Man1:Hey, want to go to Greenwich today.
Man2:No fuck that shithole of a place, lets go to PORT CHESTER.
Man1:Yeah, you are right, Greenwich is a shit of a place.
by KING TUT BITCH April 30, 2005
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a very, very rich town in southern Connecticut where the powerful men of wallstreet come to deposit their trophies: their trophy wives and children, and where the neighboring rich towns come to pay their homage to the original rich town that is fairfield county's diamond hub-control-center. here, there is absolutely nothing to do but don a polo shirt with the collar up and get fucked up on alcohol, prescription drugs or harder drugs and get arrested or sent to rehab. every kid here has at least five drug dealers beckoning him from his cellphone, and probably as many country clubs. teenagers invariably leave this town with a trustfund and various addictions. Parties are set in mansions and centered on the beirut (beerpong) games.
typical cellphone conversation:
girl: hey yo whats good for tonight?
guy: yo not much, donny's having people over, you should come.
girl: you got that white?
guy: yeah it's awesome shit, come to donny's i got that.
girl: aight i'll be there. peace.
by elizh July 14, 2005
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Greenwich is the absolute most boring town. There is nothing to do at all there. All people do is sit around their huge houses and do nothing but brag about how rich they are. The only way kids entertain themselves is by going to the avenue where most "normal people" can't even afford to buy a t-shirt. The Greenwich teens think they are all ghetto but they really don't even know the meaning of ghetto. They are just so bored that they don't have anything better to do with there lives. If Greenwich is so rich why don't people buy things to make their lives more exciting? A typical day for a Greenwich teen consist of either a party or the movies but it doesn't get any more exciting than that. Everyone thinks that Greenwich is so great but in reality it is boring and everyone is stuck up and snobby. I live here....trust me
Paris - There is nothing to do in Greenwich!
Chanel - OMG I know. We could go see a movie maybe?
Paris- I've already seen all the movies in the theater.
Chanel - Same. Well, wanna go get drunk then?
Paris- I'm down.
by Greenwichsucks13 April 05, 2011
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I very stuck up rich community where veryone is tall, blonde and gorgeous. The guys all have mercedes benz's where they make out with their girlfriends (who are all jocks). But g-wich boyzz do hump good.
I dunno, this would be hypocritical cus i live here!!
by sahblondebitchXX April 30, 2005
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A town filled with snobby coke heads.
Since most Greenwich kids never seen a black person before, they are too scared to come to Stamford, but they can still talk shit.
by fuck greenwich April 01, 2006
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Full of rich bitches. I know not everyone one here is so rich but everyone acts like this. Popularity and social status is focused around one thing... money. It's stupid. It's our parents money not ours. Everyone calls everyone a slut, hoe and bitch. It's hard to find good people and good morals here.
I can't wait until I leave for boarding school to get out of this hell-hole called Greenwich.
by greenwichgirl1234 May 02, 2016
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