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a hick-township in northern new jersey (the farmy part) with no zip code, 2 police, 28 units of livestock, 3 traffic lights, 8,000 people, 22 square miles of land, and 30 lakes. the town center includes a shop rite and some bank that never made it to the regional level. oh well, at least the dutch tried.
i love byram...*wakes up from nightmare*
by coryk2 July 30, 2006
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The slums of Greenwich, CT the people who live there don't like to be associated with Greenwich Proper, as they don't like to be associated with Byram
All the best people in Greenwich come from Byram
by Holko January 13, 2005
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Basically Mayberry, USA. Hick-township in Northern New Jersey. Has an annual Corn Fest, no post office, and 85% Scout membership. 9,000 people, 30+ lakes, and everyone knows everyone else. Actually, they're most likely related.

Parades every year, picturesque views, lots of forest. A town civic center, movies in the parks in the summer.

The cultural center is the Byram Shoprite, where most of the town's youth are employed. 6% divorce rate. Very little crime. They say bad things happen everywhere, but the people who say that have never been to Byram.

The biggest event of the year is Byram Day every September, featuring fire works, crafts, food, games, rides, and good ol' family fun.
Byram is the Township of Lakes.
Byram is so lame it doesn't even have a post office.
by byramaniac August 06, 2009
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