when the dj mc's over a song & letting the song answer his own words.
a song is playing and the dj cuts out the music and says " u know i get this".... then the dj brings the song back in and it would say "money" or whatever. MADE FAMOUS BY THE JAM PONY EXPRESS "meantime
by DICKCLARKOFHIPHOP February 6, 2010
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In a debate, how long it takes before a reference to the world wars, holocaust, and eventually Hitler comes up.
We were arguing about the death penalty, and it only took 12 minutes before the “If you could go back in time and kill the man who started all these atrocities, wouldn’t you?” came up. “Wow, that is a pretty quick Meantime to Hitler!”
by ace4baylen November 27, 2019
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The girls you hang with for sex while searching for a keeper. I have a few girls I am seeing in the Meantime, but I still search for a keeper. Similar to a booty call.
Are you single? Yeah, but have two Meantime Girls on the side.
by SD Kurtis July 24, 2007
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As a way of saying what's happening during a season, as of now, but now as in the present season (within any month of fall, etc.).
October (Fall) 2011.

Ian: One of these days we should go to one of those island singles resorts. I dunno how soon it'll be, but in the seasonal meantime, let's get together for the next Celtics game.

Seth: Sweet! I'm down!
by ribetab August 27, 2012
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A girl you might see in public and imagine what she’s like and what your life with her would be like.
“I saw her at a stoplight and I couldn’t help but imagine what my life would be like with her in it. She was meantime girl.”
by BullDog BullCog October 10, 2021
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A man that you use to fulfill sexual needs until the right one comes along.
Bestie- Hey Girl, what did you do last weekend?
Me- I was with my meantime man, nothing else to do.
Bestie- Damn girl, you real as fuck!
Me-I'm real as fuck, at least I'm not a Joleen or Hoeleen
by Dynamic Duet November 20, 2019
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