short for "Greenwich-Methyl-Tryptamine", usually refers to rippin 4+ fat hits of a DMT vape (to break through) in the GMT +00:00 time zone. This term is rare and often only used in the Wigan/Bristol area.
Referenced by DanTDM in his new son reveal video.
DanTDM: Yo guys the diamond minecart here this is my son preston, we have just ripped the tripping penjamin and are being molested by ethereal dr trayauras, its GMT time
by realtackshooter August 13, 2023
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Bro you GMT about her.
by gm8295 March 30, 2019
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Scottish time that the UK adheres to. should be scrapped by England adopting CET time.
fuck nostalgic scotland, let them keep GMT for themselves! we should modernise by adopting CET!
by TV sucks November 29, 2004
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Gnash My Teeth. Deriving from Mary Shelley's Novel Frankenstein. The Character Victor Frankenstein constantly gnashes his teeth when something is wrong. Generally used when something unpleasant occurs.
Oh my God! I haven't even started! GMT!!!
by 12Adv March 1, 2011
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Abbreviation that originated in Luton used to shorten the expression: 'Gay Man Ting'. This can confuse teachers when going through Geometric Sequences (which is definitely a GMT)
You going Brighton with her yea!? That's a GMT mate!
by AnonymousGMT November 30, 2011
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Greek Mishimou Time

atleast 2hrs after the suggest time for greeks to meet
(aka greek maybe time for all non greeks)
Stelios: Re Koumbare, i told you to come for dinner at 6
Nikos: Then im early, its only 7:30
Stelios mutters to himself: balio GMT
by GinaBambina April 20, 2006
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Good Morning Toke, same thing as a wake 'n bake.
"Oooh, good morning, time for my GMT"
by Bam Carter August 7, 2007
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