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Croatian word for ''full of shit'' mhm.
John: He's dun kurac
Gabriel: You are so dun kurac
by weird eye the science guy July 12, 2018
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The equivalent of getting sixty 100s on math where your average goes from 88.98 to 90, but get one 0 and the average turns to 23. Also shit country.

WW1: Absolutely kicking German ass on the Western front; no credit
WW2: Gets invaded easily due to many internal problems and eventually fighting off the nazis; bullied for eternity.

The country and food are beautiful, the people aren’t.
Wehraboo: France sucks! They lost in WW2
Historian: *pulls sandal out ready to beat ass*
by weird eye the science guy March 4, 2019
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When you see a tumblr feminist crying their whale ass off, a kid laughing at nothing, or person who has no mental ailness doing some stupid shit.
tumblr feminist: Ok, so I'm mad at you racist sexist homophobic sexist whalist sizeist male heterophobes islamphobic fucks insulting me, I identify as a Yak-9P Fighter jet equipped with nonswept wings and 20mm cannons, with the pilot being Misha Yatobo blah blah blah blah hentai anime blah blah blah are you still listening blah blah males should die

Todd: She's a fucking retard.
Adam: Agreed.
Sam: Retards think alike.... *oncoming swarm of feminists*
by weird eye the science guy November 14, 2018
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Best person ever.
Makes you cookies.
Gives you hugs and kisses.
Unconditional love even when she doesn’t understand.
Really humorous.
Good cooking.
Essentially a “Mom”, but squared. Haha, get it?
Doesn’t ramble when they don’t have to.
Tom: I’m going to grandma’s house this weekend!
Matt: Dude.. so lucky!
by weird eye the science guy March 4, 2019
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Someone who's IQ may aswell be fucking 3000 but they really don't give a shit, they just chill and usually interact with others, telling them facts about subjects they know a lot about, they have a short temper and can put up the biggest fucking argument ever, but they're fun to be around,
they look forward to use such power to do something, but they can't really do much to help in their current situation, they can be a kid who knows about everything, sex and shit, or a college kid who don't use all their power and reserve it for fun, but its a really good time for them before they unleash their intelligence as they can befriend a lot of people, who can help them in future endeavours.
Brock: Did you see Scott?
Adam: You mean the lazy guy?
Brock: He's real hidden potential, he won in Chess, Monopoly, and the Game of Life without any effort, he gave me all the right answers for the finals, and he literally just plays video games everyday
by weird eye the science guy December 9, 2018
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Hentaihaven, but it’s youtube, but it’s good, but it has loli tags

Essentially a step up in Hentai. A hentai Heaven, for example
Dude 1: I just bust a nut to hanime.tv last night
Dude 2: Yeah dude!
by weird eye the science guy March 4, 2019
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At first, it was a new country that was really patriotic, then went on to abuse the natives, die of smallpox, bully people for colonies, just bully people, come in and steal credit, steal credit again, create anime, blame communism for all its problems, and then become the shitshow it is today
by weird eye the science guy March 4, 2019
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