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Great Neck is an "area" on Long Island which is geographically shaped as a peninsula and is divided into many villages in order to maintain a strict building code which keeps home prices high. Great Neck is the first suburb on the north shore of Long Island outside of New York City. Great Neck is predominatly a Jewish neighborhood with a high percentage of Persian Jews. There is also a large number of Asain-americans and young professionals. The culture of Great Neck is one which is very unique to itself, there is a significant amount of wealth, much of which is concentrated in Kings Point, which is the northern most village in Great Neck and has essentially the most desirable real estate. This area is also recognized as "West Egg" in F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby, which also accuratly portrays the area even in todays terms.

The spectrum of automboiles in Great Neck is also one of a kind, exotic cars from all makes can be spotted throughout the peninsula. Middle Neck/Lakeville Road is the lifeline of the area which cuts straight through the middle of the peninsula and has access to a majority of the villages.

In Great Neck, there is a high excess of police officers. Between Nassau County, Kings Point, Kensington and Great Neck Estates Police, the area is under close survalence. Though there is essentially zero crime, except for white colar offenses, and minor teenage drug dealers.

The central-town area of Great Neck has a broad range of shops and restaurnts, but many establishments are unable to open in the area because of the strict codes. For example: a McDonalds could not be opened because of the potential crowd it could invite. Because of its close proximity to New York City, Great Neck is also a commuter city with buses running frequently and a highly used Long Island Rail Road stop which allows direct access to Penn Station/NYC.

Great Neck is also known for its prestigious school system, which its high schools anually rank in the top 50 of the United States best high schools.

Overall , Great Neck is a wealthy suburb/commuter area with a diverse crowd of people. Becuase of its high costs the town is well manicured and due to its geography it is isolated from other parts of New York which makes it a very unique place that would be either loved or despised by anyone who encounters it.
While standing on Middle Neck road in Great Neck, I noticed a ridiculous amount of Range Rovers and S550's passing between Gino's Pizzaria and Squire Cinemas.
by bill$ February 17, 2009
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A very pompous, rich town filled with japs to the rim. Escalades and Mercedes roll around with kids that think they are "all that". The houses dont go for under a million and the kids that think they are ghetto... are just white. There is no crime whatsoever. Girls have their pradas and their coach's and for their 16th they get a beemer. If there were any other place that were richer and jappier... it would be amazing. Other than the fakeness of everyone there, it is a nice suburb to live in.
Great Neck is a town.
by Zachy g. November 11, 2005
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wealthy, very well-to-do suburn in long island. while a part of it is relatively middle-class, the houses in king's point (a village in great neck) don't go for less than a million. to be sure, it isnt exactly a thing to brag about if ur house is 1 to 2 million dollars, since that isnt very special in great neck. 95% jewish; israel is popular vacation destination 4 great neck ppl as well as carribean/florida/skiing places like aspen or andirondacks

girls will spend 80 dollars on a top and juicy, lacoste, letigre, and abercrombie are the general favorites. very jewish and jappy town, go look up the definition of jap (Not the japanese jap). coach, prada, lesportsac and louis vuitton are the handbag favorites, girls enjoy saying, "like," and "totally" and hardly anyone goes 2 boarding schools cuz the great neck schools are in the top fifty public schools in the country.

the kids, for all their jappiness and spoiledness, are actually rather nice. they are fierce about education, nothing special 2 b A student, and like ten kids are intel semifinalists each year and more go 2 ivy leagues AND NOT BECUZ OF THEIR DAD'S MONEY, ok? they actually work. cornell loves great neck especially, 4 some reason. there was a great shock a couple years back when no one got into yale at one of the high schools, oh and yea, HOMETOWN OF SARAH HUGHES! (2002 figure skating olympic gold medalist)

very pretty town, with lots of mercedes/beemers/general SUVs running around, oh yea, and all the kids compete over who has the most lavish, expensive, b mitzvah, who has the best giveaway (usually personalized sweatshirts, sweatpants)

very little crime. a buglary will shock the public for weeks and weeks,

not an outrageously rich town like greenwich, but definitely pretty wealthy.
great neck is such a jappy place
by wutevs February 20, 2006
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Great Neck is a wealthy town in Nassau County, Long Island. I’m writing this mainly because most of these definitions are unfair. Great Neck North High School is highly populated by Persians, yes, but Great Neck South High isn’t. We’re mainly Caucasian-Jewish, but we (South) also have a very high population of Asians. Great Neck is a very wealthy town, but Kings Point is the only outstandingly rich village. We’re for the most part upper-middle class. And we have lots of apartment buildings, too. So we’re not as uppity as some of these definitions make us out to be. Yes, we’re known for our slutty little girls in their juicy and Abercrombie and some of it is quite disgusting. But there are probably less people like that than not. What town doesn’t have spoiled, rich brats? And yeah, they flaunt their money with their cars, clothes and handbags, but would you rather have uniforms? Thought so. I think most people mellow out once they’re upperclassmen. At least at South, most people are chill. From my experience, North and South are two completely different breeds of human. We should definitely not be lumped into the same category. We have a very competitive and rigorous district, which is why we’re one of the top public schools in the nation, so we’re not ditsy … for the most part.
I live in Great Neck.
by AllyKkat February 25, 2009
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Located in Nassau County, Long Island (In the state of New York). It is stereotyped as one of the most spoiled Jewish communities ever. Although there is a fairly large amount of rich Jewish people, there are also Persians (rich Jewish people from Iran), Hispanics, and Asian/ Indian people (mostly near New Hyde Park though). There are also more cultures. Great Neck is not just J.A.P. ; it is VERY multicultural.

Besides the rich Jewish people and the posers (middle class kids that aren't too Jewish or aren't Jewish at all who think they're "gangsta"), Great Neck has pretty decent people, and as I said, MULTICULTURAL. It has almost no crime at all, and most of the people are fairly decent.

Great Neck has a great school system.

Great Neck South Middle/High: Asians (mostly from New Hyde Park), some rich Jewish people, and the multicultural part of the population. You will find many of smart and decent kids here. Rated about the 45th best school in the country.

Great Neck North Middle/High: Mostly VERY rich people (Persians) from Kings Point and similar areas. But it's not bad, trust me, I know some cool North kids. It is also a fairly decent school, but with a much smaller population than South and less multicultural.

Others: There are a few "private schools" in Great Neck, such as The North Shore Hebrew Academy.

Great Neck is basically a nice and safe suburb to live in with many types of people.
Nikki Blonsky from Hairspray was raised in Great Neck.
by lolfunnybunny July 25, 2009
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awesome town..some people can be jappy but mostly they are nice!!!..the schools are great..the high schools get under 50 in the countries top school..woah..nice right??..ok we do have really nice batmitzvas but thats not our problem .. we are competitors but not in a mean way..yea SARAH HUGES..herd of her? yea thought soo..her sister tooo..EMILY HUGES..some people think that we are spoiled, but thats just because we can't help it. We just happen to have a lot of money. ok fine i will admit we are rich and we can be japs but there is a jap inside of everyone adn we are actually really nice when u get to know us....we can't help it its no crime wre just a good town in a good atmosphere,i love the water and i have my own boat b/c i am the richest one in great neck so everyone calls me the nicest...cause i am!!! Ok, so yeah were spoiled but if you really think about it, is that SUCHH a bad thing????..
since i live in great neck daddy buys me everything!!yayyy
by maria angeliono May 12, 2006
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