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one of the many areas in virginia beach which is inhabited by rich white people. most of the girls are orange year round from tanning too much and are infatuated with the latest louis vuitton purses or polo outfits. guys are usually too busy worrying about the surf or when the parents will be gone on their cruise so they can get completely shitfaced... which actually doesnt matter because the parents wont do anything about it anyways.

The mother of the house probably takes tennis lessons twice a week when she isnt attending PTA meetings or shopping at all the cute surf shops.

The father is busy working the 9-5 which pays for all the new clothes, new cars, and huge house for the family. dont feel bad though, he gets drunk every night with his buddies when he gets off.

basically great neck consists of a bunch of people who are fake, rich, snobby, and alcoholic. not everyone fits this discription, but everyone knows someone who does.
bob: wow, i cant believe ashley got a new lexus for her 15th birthday.

tim: yeah, her parents figured she has her permit now, so why not get her a car?

bob: typical great neck family.
by vbchick90 August 10, 2008
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