Low income children who live in poor urban neighborhoods with high crime rates. They usually congregate in the middle of the street to do whatever it is they do, sometimes blocking traffic.
Look at all these friggen ghetto kids in the street, they better move out of my way.
by Adrock July 15, 2004
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Ghetto kids dress in all big cloths and cant say words correctly. They usually are black, but some are white. Ghetto Kids make fun of people alot and have harly any good morals. I do feel bad about their situation, but they dont need to act how they act.....oh by the way RAP SUCKS!
Kid 1, "Yo dawg wasuddgdsgadsuvspdfgth"

Kid 2, "Yea I feel ya"
by RAPSUCKS July 1, 2004
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1. (adj) The more impoverished and/or sketchy end of the lot kid continuum. Lot kids are jam band music fans who follow their favorite musicians around on tour and therefore can usually be found in the parking lots of venues.
2. (n) A parody of Garbage Pail Kids created as a satire on the lot kid scene produced by Roots Vision Design beginning in 2005.
1. That ghetto lot kid gave me fleas and stole my heady vegan burrito.
2. Did you see Jim's new Ghetto Lot Kids shirt? I can't believe they still make that crap.
by crunchytoes December 14, 2009
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Wears bass pro shops hat, wears a shirt of a band they don’t listen, wears nascar shirts but only knows about there political controversies, associates decent cartoons with horrible rap, listens to horrible rap, makes cringe edits, and thinks they’re hood but aren’t even a close to actual hood people like Miami, Memphis, and Detroit citizens as well as celebrities like ice cube, Jason luttrell, Eminem, etc
by Nascarfan2007 September 13, 2022
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