A bullshit scheme made by people online (usually YouTubers) to get ad revenue and attention from poor people.
Hey guys, I'm doing a giveaway for a million V-bucks! All you have to do to enter is like the video, and subscribe with notifications turned on.
by trashbinprod June 28, 2019
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Something given away at no charge, especially a premium and usually with a logo or other marketing message is imprinted. The purpose of the item is to keep an organization's name and information in front of its target audience. The purpose of the item is to keep an organization's name and information in front of its target audience.
I hope this new giveaway would make our customers choose our brand more than the other.
by abrambondoc September 23, 2014
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When you want someone to join your free gift card giveaway by liking the video, turning on notifications, subscribing to the channel and commenting down below 'I subscribed'
by JTDOLAN January 1, 2018
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This meme started in a stream where people were bombarding a twitch streamer with racist songs, such as Notorious KKK, and then eventually people started demanding a giveaway, when someone asked for a door giveaway. (Then came the phrase "123" which usually is used for trolling twitch streamers") Then, later in a AnM60ForJesus stream, when someone called in acting like a worker trying to confirm the order for 50 doors for a "gay strip club" the call went on for about ten minutes, oh and did I mention, It's funny as hell.
Caller: Are you doing a door giveaway?
Streamer: Hell no!
Caller: Alright, then bye. Type 123 in the chat!
Streamer: No don't fucking do that!
-Call ends-
by Vafkealph May 2, 2017
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One or multiple tumblr bloggers who find old shit in their room and take pictures of it to give away in exchange for reblogs and follows.
Tumblr Giveaway!

Old crap I found that I don't use anymore that someone out there must like! Worth over $1000
Must reblog, no likes.
Must be following me at
by SikkiNixx February 13, 2012
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An incontrovertible sign that something is the case, that it is true.
"There were many things that pointed to murder, but the dead giveaway was when they found the bloody knife buried in a freshly dug hole in the backyard."

"Her failure to disclose her relation with the victim was a dead giveaway that something was very wrong with her testimony."
by ScorpionWasp October 18, 2015
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Pancho's Giveaway was a reference to a non-existent store that so called "poor" kids at school were said to shop at. If you wore rags, tattered clothes, or no namebrand clothes, you were made fun of and news would spread quickly that you indeed, shopped at Pancho's Giveaway!

See: poncho's give-away
You're so poor you bought your clothes at Pancho's Giveaway!

Nice clothes, did Pancho's Giveaway have a sale today?

Where does mom buy you're clothes? Pancho's Giveaway?
by Morales, Jacob May 7, 2008
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