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1.) Slang for blowjob, or oral sex performed by females.
2.) A way of someone receiving pain for stupid thoughts or ideas by giving them a hard slap on the back of their neck.
3.) The area between your head and your shoulders.
1.) Man, that ho gave me neck the other day!
2.) We should what?!?! Boy! That's neck!
3.) He has a giraffe neck!
by Fire Tears February 19, 2005
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Larry says the Cardinals are gonna win the World Series this year”
“Yeah that’s such a neck
by butchcoolidge May 24, 2021
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Slang for killing one's self.

Although this implies suicide via hanging this is not a requirement.
"Hey , did you hear that Applebee's is no longer going to sell Long Island Iced Teas?"
"Yeah, I'm going to neck myself. Guess we'll have to drink somewhere else"
by stoodles February 23, 2017
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The act of giving sum1 head
1.Bro ur mom gives awesome neck
2.Yo gurl let me get that neck
by Black Rob September 13, 2004
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If someone says or does something completely DUMB...u say "thats a Neck" then you smack them on the back off there neck.
Girl: I know why they call

Boy: Why?

Girl: Cuz theres sooo much space up there

Boy: Thats soooo DUMB...u deserve a neck

Boy then smacks the girl on the back of her neck
by iGotGlam March 31, 2008
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Celtic Punk band from 'County Holloway', North London. Led by former member of Shane MacGowan's group 'The Popes' Leeson O'Keeffe. Albums include 'Necked' and 'Sod 'em and Begorrah'.
by anonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn February 22, 2008
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the act of slapping someone's neck when they say or do something below their intelligence level.
in italy
Jamie: dude i just realized, it is my fifth night in france and i haven't even eaten french fries yet
Nick: Dude, that is such a neck!
by cros oremor March 5, 2009
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