a salutation used most oftenly towards bredrens, and those of close relation
"what up my squire?"
by detox May 4, 2003
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A squire is a word used when you can't remember, or don't want to use someone's proper name.
Morning squire, are we winning today?
G'day squire, how are you going today?
by brentjigga March 26, 2012
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a derogatory term for a person you know.
oi squire! get the fook off my chair
by davef February 12, 2004
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Two Definitions

A.a little bitch

B.someone that crys about his knee or someone that dosent like society, is a hermit, bitches and crys all day, and likes to lick the male part I would like to call the "Penar".
"Dood stop being a squire."

"Close your legs you smell like squire."
by Ch1ng-A-L1ng August 29, 2006
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To name a friend when you greet them.
by The-Squire September 21, 2009
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Term coined by general anti-Matt Squire people. Used a general term for fail or general exclamations of fml. A verb, e.g. to be Squired, or "you got Squired!"
K: Guess what? My mom finally got a job!
T: Really? What does she do?
K: I'm not sure yet. I know it's something to with photography or magazines.
T: Oh so that's why I saw her in Playboy!
K: ...

K got Squired.
by Parafamily March 29, 2009
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When a girl wears a strap-on and takes a man up the arse.
Thus being squired.
by tummytank September 9, 2010
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