Excessively endowed. Originally derived from the Latin, "Grossus", meaning manly.
I heard someone say he's grasso
by grasso667 January 10, 2008
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A person whose head looks like a roblox characters head and he also looks like marge Simpson with problems.
Hey look it’s grasso, or is it marge?
by Grasso’s Mom December 20, 2017
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John Grasso is the name presented amongst a spartan like god. Rumored to be made of stone John Grasso makes love like a "Mystical Stallion." Best known for his ability to give orgasms to both genders with a single stare.
Bro, My girlfriend just got fingered by john grasso. I told her she better get me his autograph next time!
by JuanLongShlong November 20, 2013
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a male who is only sexually aroused at the existence of pubic hair on a female's vagina: or gets hard at bushes
Jesus Christ that kid Kip Drody is a prime example of a joe grasso!
by tim gores legs June 28, 2011
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Grasso Tech is a shitty pseudo upper-class high-school in Groton. Kids from middle schools around the state flock here pretending they have better futures ahead of them. It's actually full of wannabe gangsters, tryhard gangsters, and 2 Asians. (EDIT: 3 Asians. I'm serious)
That kid over there looks like he just ate a bag of dicks; yeah, he probably goes to Grasso Tech.
by Effrummann January 9, 2011
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Some dude from NJ who hits skateboard grinds on cop cars and subway surfs up to NYC.
I just Nico grasso'ed that cop back there
by TheNJGrimReaper July 24, 2022
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A very sexy man. Who yes, is the best at everything. Also is very good looking. Very good at doing things like riding bikes, baking cupcakes. Makes a lean mean potato salad. Just over all the best at everything.
How should I describe god? Just put down Josh Grasso
by Momo12345 July 8, 2011
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