A synonym of mum, especially applicable to marge simpson type mothers
My marge is making dinner tonight, I can't come out.
by kernkraft88 September 27, 2007
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the name of a girl whose personality cannot be summed up with words because it's better than words
marge is awesome
by Alonzo Thompson January 29, 2009
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Marge is a word that conceptualizes an idea or expression referring to something only definable by the context in which it is said. In an analogous way, it can be thought of as saying "that thing" during a conversation; being void of the context leaves the word, not as a concrete object, but as a concept.
Smeeb: "Suck my dick, dude"

Seab: "Your fucking marge, cunt!"
by William Mellis June 1, 2022
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To shove something up somebody's ass (usually a penis), only for them to have it in their mouth afterwards.

This is commonly referred to a poopsicle, or anal sex followed by oral sex.
Jack totally marged Marge in a stairwell after the Rock Studio Concert. Her cornhole was indeed seeping wet.

Marge consumed her own feces off Jack's twanger, during the infamous period where she was furiously marged.

Marge's seeping wet cornhole was the resultant of being marged.
by K-SAS November 7, 2005
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Short for margerine, and used as a nickname for a loose woman- both are 'easy to spread'.
Hey 'Marge'! How many guys you hook up with this weekend?
by halfjack July 26, 2007
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When you feel like a marge. Usually meaning you are "having a marge day". Essentially, vegetating on the couch, eating a lot of food, and looking like a slob.
Lets have a marge day. What are you doing today? Marging out.

Marging out is similar to how you feel after a day/night of drinking.
by Wilsonamicano April 14, 2016
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-Nick: "Hayyyyyyyy, let's go get some margs!!!1!"

by dddsasa April 14, 2017
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