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A Signature or sign of person(s)
When i saw The Game I asked for his autograph on my 310 Hurricanes, but when i saw 50 Cent i just pointed and laughed.
by Barry Saravia April 04, 2006
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80's hair metal band
famous for "turn up the radio"
died with the 80's
what band could be this kickass
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Ejaculating on your sexual partners face, breast or chest, buttocks, and or other body parts.
"I fucked that chick the other day, and she let me put my Autograph on her face, tits, and her ass!"
by bIZzzleObeezzy! May 03, 2010
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A female's scratch marks that she leaves on your back after a pleasing sexual expierence.
guy A-Dude Becky's autographs might turn out to be permenent

guy B-Damn she made u bleed?

guy A-Mhmm

guy c-(casually walks by)shouldnt of fucked her so hard
by FoBo February 14, 2006
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As much as some teenage girls want to take credit for being the one to make someone's life hell, a guy signing autographs is not going through a living hell, because he's not having his fingernails or toenails pulled off one by one, or being taken back to the middle ages with various torture devices (true living hell). Wasted time (autographs) and waiting somewhere longer than you should while things move slowly is all purgatory. Get your realms and their definitions straight before you start trying to tell other people about telling shit straight.
The guy signing autographs was certainly in living purgatory, but their wasn't enough actual physical pain to call it anything close to living he'll. Corporal punishment is closer to the realm of living hell (as a mind state or otherwise), and actual torture (not psychological or watching a traumatic movie about it) is closer to true living hell, if there is such a thing. Most of the people who say they made this or that person's life hell are really just pretentious frauds.
by Solid Mantis September 12, 2019
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