My granpa is busily tending the crops at the farm.
by Charica Roche February 4, 2008
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a game where people kill each other and everyone simps for everyone that dies and....

what else do i put in here?
people like to simp for the crazy ones
wow they simp for Junko from dang it granpa!
you watch dang it granpa?ew
by September 14, 2020
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A word with as many meanings as you can come up with.

A character from the movie "Troll 2"
You totally Granpa Sethed it.
That was definitely a Grandpa Seth
by wulffman04 May 27, 2008
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A man who vapes with a grenade vape and hucks his clouds like a chimney
Damn that guy is such a granpa dons
by QWINDAL January 19, 2017
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the only worse insult than "Ur granny tranny" , "Ur dad lesbian" and "Ur mom gay"

Warps reality of space and time
john: i bet you won't say it pussy
carl: ur granpa rarted
john: was never born as a result
by GaryKing March 12, 2018
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A granpa who is as big as a grizzly bear or some other big animal. Often used grankids of former lumberjacks. Especially between Nicholas Riker and Ben Cranston.
Nick: This is kinda crazy. You're like a big grizzly bear!

Ben: You're right. After all, I am your Grizzly Granpa!

Nick: Am I a grizzly bear cub?

Ben: You sure are!
by Dusty's Baby Powder November 6, 2010
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