One of the ultimate insults, can be reverted by the almighty "No u".
James: hey Alex ur mom gay
Alex: No u
James: *dies*
by Communist Fish December 11, 2020
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Please dont use this on someone
Billy : Ur mom gay
You : Ur dad lesbian
*Billy Dies*
*Billys brother is mocking your family*
You : Ur family transgender
*He gets burned and becomes ashes*
*Billys father is mocking your country*
You : Ur country bisexual
*WW3 starts*

Please dont use this if you dont want WW3 to happen.
by Ur planet pedophile March 11, 2018
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Ur mom gay is the most devastating insult.if someone says this to you,you might as well jump off a bridge
by r a i n April 8, 2018
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This word was used to defeat Hitler and end slavery for the well being of earth.
Billy: "Tom your a faggot"
Tom: "no u"
Billy: "ur daddy lesbian"
Tom: "your mom gay"
*Billy's family suddenly dies and he has an instant stroke and fucking dies*
by That loki main June 10, 2018
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The modern day example of a “yo mama so fat” joke. Often used on elementary and middle school play grounds. So yeah... if you don’t wanna sound like a child... say “YO MAMA SO FAT, SHE USES THE HIGHWAY AS A SLIP & SLIDE!” . Veteran move.
Edgy 14 year old: Ur mom gay!!!

Edgy 12 year old: no u. 😂😂😂
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You: Ur mom gay
Me: No u
by Moo_Mav March 14, 2018
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A meme that is actually older than everyone thinks it is. Originally spawned from the YouTuber Pyrocynical, who received a tweet from BamanBoi in mid 2016 that read, "you're mum gay".
Pyro: @BamanBoi - ur mom gay

(Pyro chuckles softly and then erupts into heavy laughter)
by semem knad March 27, 2018
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