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The act of stretching while also using the computer application "StumbleUpon". The exercise is used by many Stumblers when they can't think of anything to look up. This also makes them think better. It is one of the best computer exercises you can think of. So if you want info at a real fast fetch, click that Stumble button and do a Stumble Stretch.
Hec: What's this weird thing? I've never seen that toolbar before.

Brad: Its called StumbleUpon. Its my favorite app! Craziest thing you've ever seen! (click the 'Stumble' button)

Hec: Wow! Everything in just one click? (groans) Oh no, I think I need some exercise.

Brad: Sure! How about a Stumble Stretch? (clicks the button and reaches for Hec's hand) Now I'm stretching your hand. See? You just click and stretch at the same time. Its easy! Everybody loves it.

Hec: Whoah! I'm a Stumbler now.

Brad: Yes, the Stumble Stretch, one of the best PC workouts around! You've joined the Stumbler Nation. See, and so did I!
by Dusty's Baby Powder December 22, 2011
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A judo throw similar to the Horsey Hug done much the same way, e.g. wrapping the hands around the person's neck so you're hugging them. Then throwing the legs into the hug so the whole body is involved. This version of the throw was introduced by Mabel Motley, a character in a comic strip called "Motley's Crew" which no longer exists, 1976-2000. She has been known to use it on her husband, Mike.
Mabel: Whoah! I haven't done my judo in so long. I bet its time for a Motley Mash. (yelling for Mike) Mike, come here!

Mike: Hey! You're doing the Motley Mash, I see. Come on and give me a squeeze. (he hugs her with his legs)

Mabel: Wait, you didn't get your hands in there. Its not a Motley Mash yet. (she throws him) There!

Jim: Hey, I know judo. Can I play, too? (he picks Mabel up and throws her)

Mabel: Whoah, what a crush! You just gave me a Motley Mash. What belt are you at?

Jim: (laughing) 3rd kyu brown. I've been studying this for years. I do it on the Misses all the time. Man, me and wife Iris, we toss each other around like a rag doll. (yelling) Rear naked choke! (he throws Mike on the ground and does a rear naked choke)

Mabel: (screaming) This is one big judo bash, and it all started from the Motley Mash!
by Dusty's Baby Powder August 23, 2011
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A martial art most often practiced by older women. Most often uses a cane as a weapon. A lot of loose skin and canes flying.
Beatirce Middleton had to employ Cane Fu when the neighbor's dog got surly.
by Dusty's Baby Powder August 19, 2010
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A form of fried chicken created by Beatrice Middleton. Done by marinating the chicken in blueberry juice, thus imparting a blue color and sweet flavor. It is often eaten before Duke games to get into the mood to win. It was named after Duke basketball coach Mike "Coach K" Krzyzewski. Beatrice just happens to be friends with him being an alumnus of Duke herself.
Beatrice: Hey honey, are you hungry? I'm fixing you some Coach K Chicken. This is devilishly delicious!

Bryant: How do you make it? It looks like it tastes good.

Beatrice: You marinate the chicken in blueberry juice. It makes it sweet. Turns it a really pretty shade of blue, too. (screaming) GO BLUE DEVILS!

Coach K: Well if it isn't Beatrice Middleton herself. I hear you're making my chicken. I'm pretty hungry. The boys just had a big game. We smashed NC State good!

Beatrice: Okay, its almost done. (fries the chicken) Here, try this. See what you think of it.

(Coach K and Bryant try the chicken)

Bryant: Wow! This blueberry juice really pops. Its like a blueberry in my mouth.

Coach K: Good one, Beatrice! I haven't had this in a long time. I'm gonna have to teach the guys how to make this.

Beatrice: Well, if Coach K likes it, everyone will! This Gunny Granny sure can cook! Hey, there's a Duke game on. Let's take it in the living room, boys. This is going to be sweet. This is one kickin' chicken!
by Dusty's Baby Powder August 15, 2011
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1. A class taken by older people often at a college or senior center. It can be anything: exercise, macrome, art, and etc.

2. A class taught by a grandma. Most notably by Mrs. Opal Crankshaft who homeschools her grandson, Nelson, as a substitute teacher for her husband, Earl.
Opal: (coming into the room) Hey Nelson, are you ready for your Grandma Class?

Nelson: (with a shocked expression) What's a Grandma Class?

Opal: Well, its a class that's taught by grandmas. You'll love it, its fun!

Nelson: Where's Grandpa Earl?

Opal: He couldn't be here. He's gone to a Grandma Class of his own at the senior center. I'm his substitute. Come on, let's go get busy. This is gonna rock!!

Nelson: I think I'm going to like this class. I get to hang out with my Grandma!

Opal: Well, grandmas are the best teachers!
by Dusty's Baby Powder January 26, 2011
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The act of drinking hot chocolate mixed with honey. The idea behind this is that the hot cocoa plus the warm honey heats up the body. This is done by Opal Crankshaft in the winter when she's cold. And she also does it to her ex-husband, Earl.
Opal: Hey sweetie, I feel like some coco. You want to get honeybodied?

Ed: What are you talking about? I've never heard of that.

Opal: Well, it works this way: (mixing the coco with the honey) see, they're both hot and the heat warms up the body.

Ralph M.: Hey Ed, what's going on? What's that drink?

Ed: You want some? We're getting honeybodied here.

Ralph D.: Count me in, too. I'm so cold and stiff from that workout I had today. June nearly drove me crazy!

Opal: Well, here y'all. Have some of this stuff. Its guaranteed; you'll be honeybodied in no time!
by Dusty's Baby Powder January 16, 2011
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A feeling of what life would be like without one's wife, in this case personified by Opal Crankshaft, first used by Earl Pickles.
Earl: You know, Ed, I feel kind of Opal-Less.

Ed: What do you mean?

Earl: Well, that was my wife. Since you married her I miss her.

Ed: Well, without her I'd be Opal-Less myself.

Earl: Ed, I hope you never have to find out.
by Dusty's Baby Powder September 15, 2010
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