Publishing slang for 'paragraph'.
(Repeating story to add dropped subscriber number in fourth graf)
by S March 9, 2005
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Graf is a shortened or slang term for graffiti.
I saw some sick graf downtown last night.
by Skelectory April 6, 2009
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graf, someone who thinks carolina is a fucking retard
wow, that guy is such a graf, he's yelling at that bitch
by sniocker June 20, 2018
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A historical German noble title equal in rank to a count (derived from the Latin Comes) or a British earl (an Anglo-Saxon title akin to the Viking title Jarl).

Since August 1919, in Germany, Graf and all other titles are considered a part of the name. The comital title Graf has of course also been used by German-speakers (as official or vernacular language), also in Austria and other Habsburg crown lands (mainly Slavic and Hungary), in Liechtenstein and much of Switzerland.
Tom is related to a German Graf.
by SwagSalad November 8, 2011
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The ART of graffiting not randomly scralling your name or nickname on a wall. Graf is sometimes sold in speciallised shops.
Boy 1: Man that guys graf is awesome!
Boy 2: Yeah, he's been graffing it for an hour now
by Raverz June 4, 2006
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Some one who tells REALLY bad jokes
"Hey man stop being a Graf!"
by Shooot Buddy!!! April 18, 2012
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A kid who loves to whack off to pictures of crew boats
Man, that graf is creeping me out he keeps looking at the boat with really gay eyes
by BIll DIIDIIDID May 20, 2008
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