A German-Austrian royal dynasty that ruled over Austria-Hungary until WW1.The Habsburg back in the day ruled over the Holy Roman Empire,Spain,Some States in Italy and also shortly ruled Mexico.They also controlled the The Netherlands,Belgium,Luxembourg,and part or maybe all of Alsace Lorraine during the early modern period.They were considered to be among the most powerful dynasties in Europe since they were known for marrying off their family members to other European monarchs.The Habsburg rule over Austria,Hungary,Bohemia(Modern Day Czech Republic)Croatia,and their other dominions ended during WW1 where the Treaty of Versaille spit the country forming new European countries.Though the Habsburg lost their rule over Austria the House of Habsburg are still around today.(Note this for Educational purposes)
King Charles II of Spain was last Habsburg monarch of Spain(and he is ugly asf).
by Kingdom hearts and faggot November 17, 2018
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A total joke of a person.A habsburg only cares about themselves.If they have plans with you they will cancel them especially if they are in an emotional state.Dont trust a habsburg even if they are your father.Habsburgs often travel in packs making them extra irritating.If you know one your life probably sucks and you should throw heavy objects at them.They are just total douche bags.
Jordan:"Hey is Mark coming over tonight to watch glee?"

Serrina:"Um no actually he is such a Habsburg he cancelled last minute"

Jordan:"Ohh myy what a douche bag"
by Maaark!!! November 16, 2010
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