The 2nd smallest nation in Europe, after the Vatican.
It is found North East of Switzerland.
It has a population of 35,000 people.
It has a joint border with Switzerland and used the Swiss Franc as currency.

Liechtenstein is a constitutional monarchy, its ruler is Prince Hans-Adam II, Prince of Liechtenstein.

If you ever visit Liechtenstein, to get the nation's stamp you'll have to pay 5 Francs. It's a very nice well outlined crown.

The GDP Per Capita ( average income per person ) is 25,000 which is 26th in the world, the people are pretty well off.

Liechtenstein is worth $825 million

Liechtenstein's main export is jam and fake teeth. The reason why is because Liechtenstein has very few exports, and by few I mean countable on by the fingers on your hands.

Liechtenstein has only one sport it's fairly good at, european football ( soccer ). The team that wins The Liechtenstein Cup becomes the National team every year ( there are usually 4 teams vying for the opportunity ). The National team then gets to play in the Swiss League.
The largest victory the National team ever had was against Luxembourg when they won 4-0. Their worst defeat was against Macedonia 11-1. Liechtenstein has won 9 Olympic Medals in Downhill Skiing, with 9 Olympic Medals, Liechtenstein has won the most Olympic Medals Per Capita to date. Liechtenstein's greatest sports achievement was when Hanni Wenzel won two gold medals and one silver in the 1980 Winter Olympics for downhill skiing events.

Liechtenstein is 40 km in length from south to north, so if you drive at 100 km/h ( 62 Miles ) you should go through it in under 25 minutes.
" Ever heard of Liechtenstein? "

" I'm the Soccer Champion of Liechtenstein! "

" I'm well known in Liechtenstein "

" I'm the greatest basketball player in Liechtenstein "
by Bill Abnovsky August 19, 2006
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The only perfect country that exists.
“If you aren’t from Liechtenstein, you don’t deserve to live.”
by Slugfeet November 18, 2019
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One of the few female Hetalia nations. Lily adores her older brother Switzerland, who, in turn is overprotective. Quiet and friendly, she also has a hard time paying attention to her brothers lectures. In fanfictions, a fav. pairing is CanadaxLiechtenstein.

Pronounced: Leak-ten-sh-teen
Canada: Hey Liechtenstein, wanna go get some pancakes, eh?
Lily: Sure!
Switzerland: (narrows eyes) ...
by LiechtensteinFan April 26, 2011
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Liechtenstein is the best country in the world and there arent better countries in the world than Liechtenstein. It can into football.
Whats the best country?
by Liechtenstein stronk December 11, 2021
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Steve: What is Liechtenstein like?
Me: I don't know. I haven't been there yet.
by datsacow June 6, 2021
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yhtyhjtuerwfe45rtg3fv liechtensteiner lollipop
by OkieNotFromMuskogee March 9, 2022
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a small german speaking micro nation in the southwest of central europe
"Hey justin have you heard of that sick place in europe 'liechtenstein'?

"yeah bro we should go there"
by bootymuncher3626 December 9, 2020
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