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A guy who can't help EVERYBODY...
Client-I eat people.
Therapist-How does that make you feel?
by Skelectory April 07, 2009

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A shortened term for, "know what I'm sayin'?"
Often used to enhance informal conversation.
-I have to go fill a hole in my backyard.
-I'll fill your hole in my backyard, nawmsayin'?
by Skelectory April 07, 2009

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A dragon that is a douchebag.
Dragon: *kicks over sandcastle* ROFLAWLZ
Ricky: Wow, what a douchebagon.
by Skelectory April 01, 2009

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Two Drag Pass.
Two drags...Then pass.
Usually referring to marijuana; each person takes two hits then passes it to the person next to them (or whoever it's supposed to be passed on to.)
Ronaldo: *takes a hit, then attempts to pass*
Finneh: *prepares to take joint*
Khiel: Dude, he gets another hit. 'Tis 2DP. >:O
Finneh: Owtf..
Ronaldo: omfg *win*
by Skelectory April 12, 2009

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Attention Deficit...Ooh, Butterfly!
Kyle: Dude, what's wrong with you?
Neil: I have Attention Deficit...Ooh, Butterfly! *chase*
Kyle: Wtf, ADOB...
by Skelectory May 08, 2009

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Graf is a shortened or slang term for graffiti.
I saw some sick graf downtown last night.
by Skelectory April 05, 2009

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