Refers to someone who is usually smoking a pack of Marlboro cigarettes while saying things like "What is Good" and "Dom is beatin ass".
Hey look at that Graf over there...ha what a piece of shit.
by HehHehHeh814 April 19, 2009
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The term "Graffing Out" refers to the act of having a few screws lose or to be mentally unstable, commonly used in Dominos for some employees having problems.
Wow, Mike must be Graffing Out. He hasnt done anything right today.
by S2KJ October 5, 2009
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southern california based cinema-grind band which melts faces with gnarly blasts, an array of sound clips from various late 80's/early 90's action films and lyrics comprised entirely of selections from the scripts of the aforementioned films.
i totally got what i deserved during the breakdown in "todd and janelle" at the gorlock show last night.

graf orlock is the best/most annoying band in the world.
by snitchDOOM February 26, 2008
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Andre Fagassi must like dick because his wife Stiffy Graf is giving him her second serve
by NiraMillson April 9, 2021
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Stinky, smelly, psychopath who’s an unstable and aggressive person. Showers once a year and still smells like an abandoned cheese factory with mold
Bro go take a fucking shower, u smell like Rebecca graf bro!
by Nick Mann July 2, 2019
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Korbinian Graf is a very hot guy with a huge cock and an extreme sex appeal that every girl loves. Some guys too.
Wow! He is so hot! He is such a Korbinian Graf!
by Soggy Cookie Player. January 4, 2022
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