Good round, used in games such as L4D 2.
The round ends and it was a close match, users would type 'gr' to each other to say good round.
by Taur1ne November 21, 2009
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General Release

An item released to the general public i.e. a pair of shoes from Foot Locker.
For a pair of GRs, those Jordans look pretty decent.
by Lifteddc January 15, 2007
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Often used in chats of multiplayer racing games and presumedly derived from the Need for Speed series, "gr" is an abbreviation for "good race".
It is used in praise of your opponent(s), usually after a hard and fair fight for positions.

Today, "gr" isn't that popular anymore. Might have to do with the fact that racing game publishers concentrate more on the "bling bling" factor than proper online netcode.
by XLabs February 19, 2007
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John: I heard Monica died from crashing her car deliberately
Ross: Who cares? One less dumb bitch in the world, gr.
by EpicRawl October 30, 2018
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Word for a guy who pees on a girl during sexual intercourse
Guy 1: Man i heard Sean peed on Casey while they were having sex last night

Guy 2: I never knew Sean was a gr
by its Dennis August 11, 2006
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A shortened version the phrase "Get Raped"

Commonly used in CS:GO and League of Legends, especially against Lee Sin.
GR dude, GR.
by nuggetnigg March 11, 2017
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GRS stands for Gender Reassignment Surgery. It is medical process whereby genitals are transmogrified into those of the opposite sex. This acronym is in common use in transgender community.
GRS is much cheaper abroad and I'm saving up for my GRS holiday in Thailand.
by Angelica Perduta April 29, 2014
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