23 definitions by EpicRawl

John: I heard Monica died from crashing her car deliberately
Ross: Who cares? One less dumb bitch in the world, gr.
by EpicRawl October 30, 2018
The friendship of two or more people, typically black males. May be considered offensive by old people.
Eric: Our niggarity has been very successful throughout the years.

Frank: Let's hope this niggarity last forever.
by EpicRawl November 22, 2016
Something that's so good and to die for.
That pussy is so dieforable.
by EpicRawl January 2, 2020
Cap is problem. To cap is to cause/give problem to (someone or something).
Ey bro, we need to pull up and cap the guy who's messing with my gal
by EpicRawl July 1, 2020
Tea-time alcohol. Alcohol which is consumed at tea time, usually around 4pm to 7pm. Informal.
A: Hey bro, let's have royaltea!
B: Royaltea? Is that tea prepared royally?
A: Hell no! It's just booze instead of tea, at tea time.
by EpicRawl October 1, 2016
When you want to say "shit" on a website which censors it and you dislike using asterisk or hash because you're a pedant who likes using the alphabetic word.
That stih is nasty. Many stihs show up on my front door. We love the stihhers of Tennessee.
by EpicRawl December 20, 2018