Acronym for Network Code. The part of a game or application that handles the communication between the clients, server and/or peers.
ffs I get the desync error again! German developers can make great games but they suck at writing netcode.
by Lord Alderaan December 18, 2008
The term used by some online gamer's as an excuse for playing a terribly when they think they are good.
Gamer 1: Omg your KD sucks
by The SubWay June 23, 2016
Commands entered into the .cfg file for counter-strike which effect the registration of actions within the game. Often netcode is used innocently only to improve synchronization between client and server. Illegal use of netcode so as to make yourself harder to hit, is suspected of certain clans who don't perform on LAN (diol).
f4f/JSA players can't be hit because of their netcode. Do it on lan you online superstars.
by annoyed CPL'er June 14, 2004
netCoders is a deceptive Neo-Nazi website that advocates and preaches all the teachings of their almighty fuhrer, Pansemuckl aka Hitler.

netCoders initials nC has a double meaning. nC means netCoders and naziCoders. naziCoders is the modern day Third Reich of the world.

Pansemuckl = Adolf Hitler
RainerStoff = Heinrech Himmler
Pansemuckl (Hitler): We must destroy our enemies, netCoders will rule them all!
RainerStoff (Himmler): For Germany!
Pansemuckl (Hitler): Attack whiteLight!
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Allied Forces (Franklin Roosevelt): We have unpacked all your hacks and turned them into PunkBuster and Crossfire.
Pansemuckl (Hitler): Not cool guys. I will avenge myself!
Allied Forces (Winston Churchill): Owned.
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by Allied Nation Federation March 10, 2009
netCoders was the pioneers of "private hacks" concept.
It was a way to create a new distribution channel for hacks and avoid anticheats to get the hack builds.

Most of the former coders from current leading cheat sites came from nC (elite coders).
netCoders kept the "quality and customer satisfaction" as main goal while some just went for the massive selling business model.

netCoders is history and future of game hacking with its known taunt : "buy the best or die like the rest".
- steve : "dude how come my hack is detected again ?"
- rainer : "don't code a copy using shared code with other sites like AA or CH, choose the premium and original way like netCoders do ..."

- x22 : "dude how come my hack is less accurate ?"
- panse : "don't code some poor d3d hook, try to build a full engine based and advanced clientHook like at netCoders once !"
by robert hook December 30, 2011