A game in which I spend more time raging rather than playing...
Me- "Omma Fuckin! Bloody hell? Wait what???? Fuck CS:GO I'm out!"
by Fungusm8 June 1, 2016
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The worst and best game, when you queue up for a game you're either gonna get cheaters on the opposite team or shit players in your team (or both)

And yet, every time we rage quit...every time we try to quit... we still come back to play..we still come back and buy more skins...cases...
"Hey man wanna play cs-"
"you know i hate cs:go but idk let's play"
by matt the mf cat October 9, 2020
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Acronym for the popular FPS game Counter Strike: Global Offensive

CS:GO is considered to be a highly competative shooter with high skill margins, objective based gameplay, and multinational acclaim.

Two distict gametypes are present within the game: competative (comp) and casual. Competative is filled with high ranking elitists who will verbally backhand you if you so much as fail to clutch a round. Casual is filled with micspammers, autists, Russians, and basically everything that got deadpooled by the CS:GO Community.
friend: Duuude, you wanna play CS:GO tonight?
me: Sorry man, my date's in 15 minutes.
friend: Well that's just enough to play a casual match!

Immediatly engrossed in the game, and forgetting about that pesky date, my friend and I stay up till 6 AM grinding up to Level 3.
by seanyboyK September 24, 2015
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The most tilting iteration of the most tilting game franchise ever made, Counter-Strike: Global Offense, known as CS:GO by all but the most basic of normies, is one of the few games that will undoubtedly make every player question their own self-worth after the end of every match.

For context, it's one of the few FPS games where camping in a corner with a shotgun is not considered to be a pussy strategy, though you will still get flamed for doing it. Then again, you will also get flamed for using pretty much any gun other than the AK-47 (T) or M4A4 (CT). God help you if you use either of the autosnipers.
"You wanna play CS:GO?"

"Hell no, I have a life!"
by SteamShovel November 29, 2020
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The game CS:GO is practice for when you eventually snap.
I play CS:GO so I can one-shot some third graders
by theangrycat November 12, 2018
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Acronym for Counter Strike: Group Orgy

An activity where a group of friends play Counter Strike and then have an orgy afterwards.
Hey guys, wanna go do a CS:GO? It's a great bonding exercise!
by hieroghost November 22, 2016
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a masterpiece made by valve. hated by COD kids and silvers.
if you like cod you hate CS:GO
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