a slang term originating in the irish midlands describing a particularly severe case of intoxication
"and did ye put away a few more after i headed to the scratcher?"

"fuckin right, i was transmogrified"
by boozer 11 February 7, 2007
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The process of changing an entity or object, often times at a genetic or sub-atomic level, into a new and different entity via bio-chemical manipulation or laser refracted heliostasis.
Althought we were unable to use the data in it's raw form, we were able to transmogrify it into an acceptable format for our data warehouse.
by theheadhunter August 11, 2004
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/tranzˈmɒɡrɪfʌɪ,trɑ nzˈmɒɡrɪfʌɪ,transˈmɒɡrɪfʌɪ,trɑ nsˈmɒɡrɪfʌɪ/
transform in a surprising or magical manner.
"He wanted to transmogrify his house into a hippy crash pad"
by Laurez1174 March 25, 2017
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