I start the game at level 18, because I am Lee Sin, the blind monk.
by FaradayHF August 20, 2011
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''Lee Sin'' is a trick named after a character from the popular MOBA videogame ''League of Legends''

A Lee Sin is when a man cannot watch porn and must instead close his eyes and imagine something or listen to a certain audio.
Had the relatives home, had to pull a Lee Sin.
by Todderina October 29, 2020
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When your boyfriend cums in your eyes and you roundhouse kick him in the dick after you turned blind
yes mum, Mitch and I tried the Lee Sin, I can't see much anymore, but I bet his dick looks amazing now
by Vippy001 June 19, 2020
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That one Autopicker Who Jungles/Top And Mostly Kick's Dying Enemy Out Which Provided Them A Escape Potential
Silver:That Lee Sin Doesn't Know How To Ward Hop
Gold/Platinum: Probably Another Bronze Lee Sin Main
by Z46Chan April 27, 2020
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