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Focus Attack Dash Cancel

In Street Fighter 4, you can cancel one of your character's special moves by using the focus attack right after using your special move, thus canceling the special move. After canceling with the focus attack, you can then dash out and cancel your focus attack.
I used FADC to cancel my shoryuken in order to set-up for Ryu's Ultra Combo!
by lifteddc April 20, 2009

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General Release

An item released to the general public i.e. a pair of shoes from Foot Locker.
For a pair of GRs, those Jordans look pretty decent.
by Lifteddc January 14, 2007

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aka In Need Of Practice. About the most awesome pally in Gorgonnash. He is also the leader of #i4clan and a pretty beast AKer in CS. He gets mad easily when he lags in-game, so watch out he gets flushpackets!
INOP: Who's downloading?! I'm lagging in this pub! *pounds keyboard*
by lifteddc August 14, 2008

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