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looking at someone, thinking about how fit they are and thinking about being with them, checking them out basicaly.
oi man! who you scoping


yo, she is scoping you man
by parka (cumin 2 ur radio soon) February 10, 2004
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The act of driving a vehicle while keeping one's head out of the sunroof.
1) Ted scoped all the way to exit 4.

2) We should definitely go scoping right now.

3) I just scoped through the McDonald's Drive Through.
by dankscoper December 04, 2011
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The act of scrubbing ones nipples with a toothbrush like appendage while toothpaste is applied generously to your liking
While scoping Stan and his pals had a fresh time and robbed an abortion clinic of all the dead babies
by Mark twain November 03, 2013
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Scoping is a online game term or leet speak, mainly used in First-Person Shooter games for killing someone with a rifle gun.

Scoping also is a sexual reference against someone. It's the new "Oi dude, CHECK that bitch out" (Replace check with Scope).
Use for when someone sees someone "attractive" in the distance and says sexist comments towards the person.
"Oi dude, ooh shit, scope that chick out down there!"
"Fuck yeah dude. oh shit, here she comes, don't say anything"
*Person walks past*

This is Scoping
by Chester224 December 23, 2008
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To stick ones head out of the window to "scope" out what others outside of your car are doing. Usually done by passengers.
While rolling through the parking lot Landon decided that scoping was absolutely necessary.
by FAKELA LANCER April 18, 2011
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Guy 1 : so many people were scoping over your with Miley Cirus

Nicki Manaj : I know hey
by Brat 100 March 21, 2016
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