1. used to describe someone with no common sense, or thinks that he/she is better than they are, especially in sports.
2. a person with an abnormaly large or disfigured head.
3. a person who makes a huge mess while eating, especially while eating spaghetti.
I can't believe that that gorlock made the basketball team over me.
by scott sommers January 31, 2008
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One who's neural pathways have been irreperably damaged by exposure to hifg-decibel music
The bass player was such a gorlock he inserted the amplifier cord in his rectum
by joerulz May 15, 2003
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a creature afraid of the Webster’s Dictionary — not to be confused with Pastafarian spaghetti monster
The Gorlock was an engineer — not an editor.
by Intrepid Thinker June 10, 2019
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Lord Gorlock was originally the name for a toy in a commercial for Geico Insurance. He was then adopted by two boys of about thirteen who used him as the mascot for their most remarkable production company Lord Gorlock Productions® a subgroup of Ben carey Films®. They are responsible for some of the most astonishing skateboarding and public annoyance videos of the 21st century.
Hail Lord Gorlock or die.
by Anonymous March 9, 2004
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