neural can mean a sex toy
hey, has anyone seen neural, last time i seen him he was stuck in warpedmind's ass
by daymon January 19, 2003
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adj. Having a fine attention to important details. A combination of "neurotic" and "anal retentive" (both chiefly in pejorative use), but intended in a complimentary sense. cf. nubility, henchling
Carol: Here's an itemized list of what we need to move this project forward. I've already contacted the suppliers for quotes, and checked into applicable taxes that would change the final pricing. It all fits into budget. Any questions, team?
Employee#1: Good on ya, boss!
Employee#2: That's very neural of you. Part of why I like working here.

by d@d March 12, 2008
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<neural> hmm when did this package arrive?
by neural January 19, 2003
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The act of removing a Facebook thread so it disappears without anyone knowing it ever existed.
Holy Marston, you pulled a Nguyen and used the neuralizer on that thread!
by Angry Professor October 16, 2012
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1. Brain generated consciousness construct subjectively perceived as a genuine state of actual being or existence that reflects, in part, the autonomous processing of exogenus neural stimuli through preexisting biogenetic/biochemical neurocognitive pathways.

2. Psychological and physiological perception of reality resulting from a direct neural connection between the brain and an artificial neural device.

3. Machine generated neural stimuli capable of inducing mental and physical perception of reality that is indistinguishable from genuine life experience.
While Virtual Reality closely simulates a real world environment by actively engaging one or more of the five senses, Neural Reality is that perception of the real world pieced together by the brain and incorporated into the conscious mind as a state of actual being or existence. The artificial nature, inherent in the former, makes Virtual Reality clearly distinguishable from what is perceived as the "real world." The same cannot be said for the latter - even if induced by artificial means.
by Sonoma County Dave July 7, 2008
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A substance secreted by neurons when the brain is stressed, resulting in slowed or fuzzy thinking.

(From a mock ad in Alan Moore's comic book "1963".)
I've been trying to write this essay all morning and I don't have even a single sentence yet. I think my brain's full of neural pus.

by Abracadab December 12, 2007
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A device shaped like a steel circlet which is placed around the head of a person with psionic mental abilities (telepathy, telekinesis, etc.). The device emits high-frequency radio waves that disrupt the delta wave capabilities of the wearer's brain, thus dampening any psionic abilities. Neural inhibitors have been known to be capable of being reprogrammed to reverse the effect and actually create a barrier for the wearer against any telepathic infiltration or attack.
In 'X-Men 2: United', William Stryker placed a neural inhibitor on the telepathic Professor X's head in order to interrogate and incarcerate him without retaliation.
by razorglove1428 February 14, 2011
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