1.Female who knows what she wants and knows exactly how to get it2.Female who is always ready for anything physically, emotionally, and also intellectually(one being book smart as well as street smart).3.One who is classy and all about business4.Last but certainly not least one who knows how to take care of her man at home and in the streets and remains loyal to him(her man), herself, and the game at which she plays.
by 1989CLASSIC August 26, 2007
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A self respected, strong female who has everything together. That consists of body, mind, finances, and swagger. Also, a female who does & gets hers by any means necessary.
Syn. - Go Getter *
"Check out Naomi Campbell, looking very fly, you can tell her money right. She's a true bad bitch."
by The Suupernova March 07, 2009
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(Noun): The term "Bad Bitch" originated most commonly by music artist to describe females that had a bad attitude, but an attractive body. Being a "Bad Bitch" does not mean they have a job, can cook good, clean good or anything defined above. Don't be fooled by the previous definitions, for they do NOT define what a bad bitch truly.

You can usually find bad bitches dancing in videos with barely any clothes on, in your local strip club, or joining the groupie hoes when Wocka Rick Ross or Juicy J is in town.
Man, I was at the strip club and saw this bad bitch with a fat ass booty and motor-boater titts.

Opposite of Lady or Wifey.
by Anonymousfm October 09, 2012
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A bad bitch is a woman who is attempting to reclaim the usage of the word bitch by erasing it's previously understood derogatory connotation and replacing it with a celebration of strength. This re-definition, however, overlooks the historically entrenched and problematic discourse surrounding gender relationships.

While a bad bitch may be trying to empower herself by taking on a blunt, take-no-shit-from-nobody demeanor, she is more often than not reiterating sexist stereotypes.
She thinks she is such a bad bitch, acting like she's in charge, but really she's just being bossy. And don't nobody got time for that.

If she really wants to be a female leader, why doesn't she rely on methods of cooperation and clear communication to meet goals and foster dialogue?
by Don'tLook@Me March 29, 2013
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