-to be physically or mentally distorted, an advanced form of being retarted.
Justin Lake was born gorfed
by Ryan February 25, 2004
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gorf is a word created by technoblade, as said in his video titled “i like frogs” he states “is gorf a word? it will be a word, i will make it a word”
“Did you guys know, frog spelt backwards is gorf?”
by veellia December 6, 2020
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A derogatory term for a citizen of the French-speaking province of Quebec.

As Quebecers are accepted to be "backwards frogs" in relation to their counterparts in France, frog backwards spells = gorf.
I got sloshed with a bunch of gorfs over in Gatineau the other night.
by GB August 26, 2004
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to make a mistake; to render damaged.
I gorfed up the paint job on my Chevelle when I sprayed Bleche-Wite on it.
by Jonny B. Gorfed October 20, 2003
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A strange green creature, thought to be created from a puddle of slime on a distant planet. Has yellow ears that resemble wings and wears read boxing gloves all the time. Starts and ends everthing it says with "Heh heh heh". Thought to be genderless, but this fact is still unproven. Although it appears not to need nourishment, it can eat almost anything, as it's stomach has black-hole-esque properties. Has the ability to glow and to fly via methane gas if it should eat something with highly radioactive properties. This creature is thought to be well over 300 years old. Is apparently very fond of cheese.
The dingo ate my baby. The Gorf ate my dingo.
by RJ May 28, 2004
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1. An exclamatory statement
2. Problematic Occurance
3. Substitute for any word you can't think of at the moment.
4. Introductory greeting between individuals aware of Gorf.

Past tense: Gorfed
Verb form: Gorfing
1.(Something crazy happens) - "Gorf!"
2.(I forgot about my final exam) - "Ah Gorf!"
3."Hey Dan I need that uh..the uh..GORF"
4.(person says while approaching another person) "GORF!!!"
by Daniel November 15, 2004
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The action of squatting down low with your arms over each other like a russian dancer and bobbing up and down while repeatedly saying "Gorf".
Sean kicked me yesterday after I gorfed down the entire hallway.
by Zachary Napolitano March 23, 2007
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