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To stop what your doing. As if whatever your saying or doing is stupid or ridiculous.
Lisa tried to tell me that Raheim was cheating on me but I said to the bitch, "Pump ya brakes", you don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

Tatatulisha thought she was going to pull on my weed for free. I told that ho to pump her mothafuckin brakes.
by GB April 02, 2003
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Punk\Corn ball ass nigga.
That fool ain't got no work with his hands. He's a straight up busta!
by GB April 02, 2003
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To acknowledge someone. To make ones presence known.
I gave my girls a shout out at the party.
by GB April 02, 2003
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A derogatory term for a citizen of the French-speaking province of Quebec.

As Quebecers are accepted to be "backwards frogs" in relation to their counterparts in France, frog backwards spells = gorf.
I got sloshed with a bunch of gorfs over in Gatineau the other night.
by GB August 25, 2004
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To trip over the set (street, block, area) you claim.
To become violent towards a gang or crew.
I can't believe that nigga is set tripping. I'll bring it to his dumb ass.
by GB April 02, 2003
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Combo of Preposterous and Ridiculous
Jack: "Did you hear? The Americans elected that bloke Bush again."

Jill: "That's ridiperous!"
by gb January 10, 2005
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An American. Especially someone from the northeastern United states.
I'm a greigo because i was born and raised in the United States
by GB February 23, 2005
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