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A pig minecraft youtuber who calls everyone a nerd and makes the best skywars vids on the web. Also he has something no other youtuber has. Confidence.
Wow he is such a Technoblade, always calling people nerds when really he is one himself.
by tubbasu September 06, 2016
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Technoblade is a pig known for recording himself virtually beating up little children in exchange for skywars coins.

Despite being an animal with ~6 CPS he is extremely good at PvP. He likes to call everyone a nerd to hide the fact that he is one himself and he also constantly advertises his YouTube channel by saying "Subscribe to Technoblade".

A list of notable things he's done:

-Gotten a 1400 winstreak in Hypixel Bedwars. (no evidence of him hacking has been found)

-Both won a 1v1 against Hypixel and Skeppy

-Beaten Minecraft hardcore mode with a steering wheel

-Won the prize for world's hottest elbows

He has almost 500k subscribers on YouTube despite never uploading any videos.

His current goal is to get 10 million subscribers on YouTube where he'll get a PIG rank on the Hypixel Network.
Technoblade: "Subscribe to Technoblade"
Smart 9-year old: "No"
by ReimarPB December 13, 2018
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