The undesired oozing of any substance, such as jelly in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
by Adam Michael Barczak July 13, 2006
transitive verb
to land a nonfatal headshot on another player in cs while the target player is not wearing a helmet. Can not only be performed with "low caliber" weapons, but with all weapons effected by object interference (ex: a wall, door, or box) and far enough distances.
I gooshed that nublet through the wall with my m4.
by shakes_pierre November 29, 2007
A loud, all-purpose onomatopoeic exclamation commonly used to simulate the sound of a violent attack on a friend or loved one. In use, the word often deadens the desired effect of the threatened physical attack, resulting in derisive laughter in the victim (gooshee).
"I made a joke earlier about how Kirk will get his Social Security payments before he gets laid, and he gooshed me!"
by Silence L'Aprons February 14, 2008
To make horridly violent sex to another person.
Person 1: "Dude did you hook up with that girl last night?"
Person 2: "Yeah I totally gooshed her."
by ColdFuzhin September 30, 2009
The area between your ass and pussy/penis
dude, lets hit golfballs off my goosh.
by Pappy March 16, 2005
another name for a pussey or vagina.
Man the girl has such a small goosh i could barley fit two fingers in!
by Abby June 28, 2004
a universal word that can be substitued for anything. usually a bad conontation, but can be used nicely, such as 'goosha girl'. derived from 'doosh', which came from eliza dushku(dooshku).
shut the goosh up!, you're such a goosh, goosha girl, goosh out, lagoosha beach