To make horridly violent sex to another person.
Person 1: "Dude did you hook up with that girl last night?"
Person 2: "Yeah I totally gooshed her."
by ColdFuzhin September 30, 2009
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A loud, all-purpose onomatopoeic exclamation commonly used to simulate the sound of a violent attack on a friend or loved one. In use, the word often deadens the desired effect of the threatened physical attack, resulting in derisive laughter in the victim (gooshee).
"I made a joke earlier about how Kirk will get his Social Security payments before he gets laid, and he gooshed me!"
by Silence L'Aprons February 14, 2008
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transitive verb
to land a nonfatal headshot on another player in cs while the target player is not wearing a helmet. Can not only be performed with "low caliber" weapons, but with all weapons effected by object interference (ex: a wall, door, or box) and far enough distances.
I gooshed that nublet through the wall with my m4.
by shakes_pierre November 29, 2007
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When hit in the head by a low caliber weapon in counter-strike when not wearing a helmet. Eg: Glock, TMP, MAC10

Dang, I gooshed that guy for 89 damage.
by Jack Tang January 08, 2006
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