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Is a code word used mainly by teenage females in reffrece to being high on marijuana.
Hey Jordan lets go the "gap" and get "Trendy"
by Abby June 6, 2005
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A food that is popular around Halloween, also its juice is drank by the characters in Harry Potter two friends named Emily and abby raise pumpkins cause they are both so random
Emily and Abby raised a patch of pumpkins
by Abby June 25, 2004
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a female who likes females.....
Audrey is a dike and her girlfriends name is Beth, she is also a dyke
by Abby June 23, 2004
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A gentlemen's sport, devoted to the chase, not the actual capture of the fox. Frequently vilified by radical animal rights protesters as a barbaric blood sport, though the reality of the sport in modern-day Europe and North America is quite different.

Today, the most common types of hunts are "drag hunts," in which a scent is laid so that the dogs have something to follow--thus furthering the goal of a day riding across country.

Pursued by both those who love the countryside and horses.

"Actual" hunts in which a fox is pursued are typically practiced in areas where the local fox population is overly large, resulting in damage to livestock as well as starvation of the fox population due to a lack of food sources. The reality is, in some areas, cute as they may be, fox are seen as vermin or pests, not unlike deer in the north eastern portion of the United States.
The Beaufort Hunt is holding its opening meet this Sunday.
by Abby September 16, 2004
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adj. Very, very good. Positivity, beauty, joy, goodness. (Happy, obtimistic.)

noun. Your inner joy. Your positive attitude/out look. (Motivation, spunk.)
"The sky is ble and all the leaves are green, the air is as warm as a baked potapo, What a shpadoikle day!
by Abby March 30, 2005
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hey, i'm linked to you from a bunch of people i don't even know! let's get together and shag because we are so much cooler than anyone else in the world!
by Abby December 18, 2003
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slang for super cool hottie who likes super awesome movies AKA Jimmy
by Abby May 21, 2004
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