42 definitions by Abby

Breed of dog that origingated in England a long friggin time ago. They were the royal dog until the pug was introduced. Looks a lot like a Cocker Spaniel, but nothing like it. Cocker Spaniels are stupid. Cavaliers are the best pets ever.
by Abby April 04, 2005
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outgoing and very knowledgeable. is very hyper and funny, but sometimes acts clueless.
chancey is soo ... idk
by Abby January 17, 2004
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like squishy, only i can't say squishy, so i say scooshy.
aww man, i just stepped in that scooshy stuff your dog left
by Abby January 19, 2004
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means the same as squishy only i can't say squishy
eww.. look at the scooshy stuff
by Abby January 19, 2004
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1. An alge eating animal that lives in your fish tank and sucks all the scum and eats poop in your fish tank.

2. A low-life bar trash blonde women that perfers to suck on the most scumy men of the world.

3. your Mom
1.(pet store) Where are all your scum suckers located at?

2. You scum sucking whore, why are you flirting with my man?

3. Your Mom sucked all the scum off his dick.
by Abby May 10, 2004
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another name for tits, or breasts.
I can't ever find a shirt at that store that will fit my big tots.
by Abby March 07, 2005
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Is a code word used mainly by teenage females in reffrece to being high on marijuana.
Hey Jordan lets go the "gap" and get "Trendy"
by Abby June 05, 2005
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