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The unexpected squeezing and twisting of the nipple on a friend. Results in your nipple (nurple) turning purple.
Nathan decided to give his pappy a purple nurple. But pappy was too fast and now, Nathan has a purple nurple.
by Pappy April 13, 2003

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The more literal usage of the word "douche" refers to something clean and good (a vaginal cleaner). Yet to be called a douche is much more negative. Also can be used as a negative term in other forms, much more common as negative slang than the literal meaning. Similar to the way that a "fuck" is a good thing, but it's never good to be called one ("hey why'd you do that you stupid fuck!?") or to be fucked over, etc.
To put it in perspective:

In the more literal sense of the word:
When I was younger my priest douched me to clean out my evil spirits.

In the slangier, negative sense:
Now that I'm older and undergoing therapy I realize my priest really douched me over!
by pappy July 24, 2004

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a dumb ho that squirts your cum out of her pussy into jars and saves it in her fridge so that she can impregnate herself later if you piss her off or don't want to commit.
'i heard you went out with jane'
'don't piss her off. she's an icer.'
by pappy July 17, 2004

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An asian person from the sandy regions of the South Pacific.
I would move to Hawaii but I can't stand all the sand nips.
by Pappy February 09, 2005

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it's yo fuckin' cock
jimbo rammed his fleshy man tube into jane's hairy asshole
by pappy July 16, 2004

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poopsex. plain and simple, yo.
"i want some poopsex"
"be polite; call it turd fucking"
by pappy July 19, 2004

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Someone who farts in the bathtub and eats the bubbles
you are a fucking glurp
by Pappy July 13, 2004

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