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1.A goof; silly person; random.

Note: This word was made up by Colin M. to discribe his lovely girlfriend, Bridgette... because she is a complete goof.
by beepdebee April 16, 2007
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Someone who is obnoxious, goofy, loud, or just plain does stupid shit. Usually acts out on a daily basis.
Dude, that kid at the movies was a Goofer, he wouldn't shut up.

I swear to god Alan, if you keep being such a Goofer ill beat your ass.
by John-Jacob-Jingleheimer-Schmit October 04, 2008
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someone who is "goofy".
ie. they goof up regularly.
James Rowell got a new diesel car and filled it up with petrol. What a goofer.
by woodpidgeon September 18, 2003
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