They might seem aloof at times, but this is because they're calculating the risks of a new friendship. Don't let them intimidate you because a lot of the time, they are shy themselves. Being witty is always a plus in their book, aswell as being able to uphold a conversation. They like it when someone can understand their sarcastic humor. They're drawn to people who bring up mind stimulating topics. They enjoy classy people but once in awhile befriend someone not so uptight.

The most common combinations are green eyes and black hair, brown eyes and brown hair, or brown eyes and blonde hair.

They like who they like and they tend to go for more established, slightly older individuals. They're highly drawn to success and power with a dash of humor. They often appear shy and reserved but are very humorous and enjoy having a good time. They will loosen up when they're comfortable, so if you see them being more open, you're doing good. Most tend to like someone very straightforward and somewhat possessive of them. They want their partner to care about them as much as they do, if not more.
"Hey, remember Bridgette?"

"Yeah! How could I forget?"
by #ABIYS March 19, 2019
A caring, outgoing, cute, adorable girl who has a great sense of humour. One of a kind. She loves getting crazy and running a muck with friends and coming home the next morning at 4am. She's definitely a keeper and can make your day just by her smile. She never has a mean thing to say about anyone, but if you mess with her prepare to have a hell of a fight on your hands.
Wow look at that girl, I don't think I've seen anyone like her!

Yeah, that's Bridgette
by iamironmanlegit June 11, 2011
Bridgette is definitely a keeper. She usually has brown hair and brown eyes. She really is single most of the time so don't be afraid to ask her out she probably won't reject you.
Wow, I love Bridgette
by #ABIYS December 21, 2016
A girl who is nice and energetic.She likes to play hard to get, but when you finally win her over it'll be worth it.She loves to see scary movies and make people laugh.
Wow, I wish I was like Bridgette.
by Bridgette_stout December 23, 2014
Fabulous, outgoing, original, amazing, sassy, THE ONLY ONE. Loving, bitchy, opinionated. Out spoken, If you have one don't ever let her go as you wont find another like her. One in a million!!! Nice clothes, likes to talk. Make a good friend. Yet don't mess with her or her man because you will have hell to pay.
I want to be just like Bridgette
by Foreveralways February 3, 2010
She’s a great bestie , she’s always there for you when ur down , you can’t hide anything from her, and if a boy hurts you she’ll get a bat and beat his ass because she’s such a great friend
Person1: *crying*
Bridgette: what’s wrong?
Person1: My boyfriend cheated on my *cries more*
Bridgette: Wait here I have to go take care of something with my bat...
by Secretlyamazing56 May 15, 2018
Amazing, The most loyal person you can find, loves boho chic, super gorgeous, Very strongly opinionated and listens to other's opinions. Won't let anyone bring her down. Stays to her morals. Loves making people laugh. Acts crazy in public to make strangers have a story to tell. Sophisticated. Loves everyone, until you give her a reason not to. A girl who likes to speak her mind. Optimistic.
I hung out with Bridgette the other day at the mall, and she pretended to be a mannequin. People stopped and stared, just to see if she was real or not!
by Love Life and Dream Forever November 25, 2011