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To 'be rowelled' is to be fingered in a club, normally for an extended period of time.
Tom "Yo, Jazz where did you go last night, i lost you"
Jazz "Maaaaaate, i got rowelled so hard under the table for like 45 minutes!!"
Tom "Shiiiiiiit..."
by J-dawwwg January 27, 2015
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A man with the IQ of 4845. He is kind, gracious and cares for others. He is the guy to look into your eyes dreamily, telling you, "I love you.", before closing his eyes and leaning in for a kiss. Not only does he have brains, he also has brawns. He can lift you up in the air, and throw you to Jupiter. Indeed, he is amazing. His favourite food to eat is raw pufferfish, with poison and all.
Jack: Man, I wish I can be a Rowell, he's good at everything!
Tom: Me too!
by YeetMyMeatToHam October 21, 2018
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1.) a person who obsesses over other women/men.
2.) a person who smokes pot and brags about it.
"Do you see that rowell over there"
"Yeah, he thinks he can get the women by telling them he smokes pot"
"That's just ignorant"
by Ollopa fo Nrob April 20, 2009
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