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sucking the air out a whipped cream can to get a "high" feeling.
"we were doing whip its the other night and it was such a rush."
by crunch43543 August 10, 2007
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A whip it, normally called a whipped cream charger, is a polished silver canister about 2 inches in length containing .8 or .16 mg of nitrous oxide.

When cracking sealed whip its, you will need a whipped cream dispenser or separate cracker (normally with a large non inflated balloon attached around its dispenser valve).

After a series of long, deep breaths the whip it is then inhaled through either the filled dispenser or balloon at which point the user will then hold their breath.

The desired effect happens almost immediately and is composed of a series of short hallucinations and distorted hearing. The user will then slowly breath out the remaining n2o and repeatedly inhale oxygen until the effect wears off.

This abuse of nitrous oxide puts it on the Hazardous Chemicals database due to sometimes causing asphyxiation.
"Dude! Did you just see that guy take three whip its upside down hanging on that pull-up bar?!? That was just 10 minutes ago and now he's cooking us dinner!"
by WhipItsDotOrg November 19, 2008
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Inhaling nitrous oxide eather from a whipped cream can or a nitrous charger used to whip cream or other sauces.
My friend an I went through a whole case of whipped cream in the walk in doing whip its.
by Dave W99 February 15, 2008
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1. (N) Small canisters of compressed nitrous oxide intended for cooking and baking purposes, which are inhaled for a momentary high.

2. (Compound Verb with "do") The act or process of inhaling nitrous oxide from small compressed canisters or compressed cans of whipped cream.
1. "The store down the street sells whip-its in packages of a dozen."

2. "That guy's brain is all messed up, because when he was a kid he did whip-its practically every day."
by Sean P. Corcoran December 07, 2004
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CO2 HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WHIPITS. Whip-its are nitrous oxide canisters. To use whipits you take a breaker(which breaks the canister seal) and fill a ballon with one, two, or however many. The more you take at once the more messed up you get.
"Ohhh goodness", I took a whip-it and now I can't feel my face, lips, or my feet.(p.s. My friends and I are doing whip-its right now)
by Big_D, Skinny, and Wicked October 10, 2003
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nitrous oxide in a small metal canister used for recharging whipping cream cans in resturants... and getting high. a cracker and a balloon is needed to extract the nitrous.
we spent ten bucks and bought 24 whip-its from Big Al's in Berkeley, California.
by ,. October 13, 2005
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