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It's pronouncing the letters of WTF
double you = W
tea = T
eff = F
by iopq August 3, 2004
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18 nom is pronounced close to shi-bal nom in Korean which means fucker
"LOL, noob"
"18 nom, babo"
by iopq August 1, 2004
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For teh win or For the win

Basically, gamers would say "You need to make Photon Cannons for the win!"
After a while, it would become sarcastic as in "MASS HUNTS FOR TEH WIN!!!"
And later, anything would be for the win:
"I SPAMMED goatse 4TW"
by iopq January 22, 2005
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It's the best darn internet smiley there is.

To express the confusion and sadness both the question mark and the sad face was used.

It is used to express your confusion and dissatisfaction.
d00d wtf is wrong with you?
by iopq July 8, 2004
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1. A liquid substance with the same qualities as honey or paint.
2. Bodily emissions.
3. Short term for "ghoul" from Warcraft III
1. What is this goo?
2. Then he got goo all over his pants.
3. Make da goo chop the wood, NOOB!
by iopq December 15, 2003
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It's the comparative of gosu.

Gosu is a Korean loan word. In korean its meaning is "skilled" or "dexterous" - literally "top hand"

In gaming terms it's defined as "skilled" or "incredible" player. It's also used as an adjective. Gosuer is the comparative form of that adjective, meaning "more gosu" or "more skilled"
"Spirit_Moon is gosuer than I thought!"
by iopq February 18, 2005
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Lumber in warcraft 3, also collecting record amounts of lumber for the hell of it.
OMG!!! We need more teh lumbar!!! MAEK TEH GOOS CHOP TEH WOOD!!
by iopq May 8, 2004
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