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GGG stands for Good, Giving, and Game. More specifically: good in bed, giving equal time and equal pleasure, and game for anything—within reason. The term was coined by Dan Savage, gay author and sex advice columnist for the Stranger.

The opposite would be someone who is shitty, selfish, and totally square in the sack.
I thought my partner would be reserved about my kinks, but he turned out to be GGG.
by Nautilus_shore March 11, 2008
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good giving and game - coined by Dan Savage.
I didnt think my wife would like to fuck me in the ass with the candlesticks but she was GGG.
by ps September 21, 2004
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Nickname for Kazakhstani Boxer Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin. He is currently the worlds best active middleweight boxer (as of February 2018) by the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board (TBRB), and holds many titles such as the IBF and WBC middleweight titles. Some rank him as the best middleweight active boxer as well. He has fought in 38 matches but only drew one against Saul "Canelo" Alvarez, who he will fight again in May 2018.
Mark: Who's the guy in the ring named GGG?
John: That's Kazakhstani Boxer Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin. He has a long name so they use GGG instead.
Mark: Oh wow!
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by UnusualBoxingFan February 03, 2018
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German Goo Girls
Messy german porn with lots of man goo
When I was finished with her she looked like a ggg
by Sticky October 10, 2004
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Another term used for: Good Guy Greg

An internet meme appearing on 4chan, Reddit, and other sites about the classiest guy around. The meme involves a photo of a smiling, confident, stubbled guy smoking a joint and giving a friendly reassuring look toward the camera. On top of this photo, people will write of Good Guy Greg's classy deeds. He borrows your car and returns it with a full tank of gas. He parties with you on your birthday but never tells anyone about how you puked on yourself. He comes over for dinner and washes the dishes. He is better than you in every way, but never talks about it and makes you feel better about yourself instead.
GGG: Borrows $5. Pays you back $10.
by chekole March 01, 2012
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abbreviation for the meme character Good Guy Greg, often used in the Reddit community to portray someone who does nice things but doesn't broadcast that fact for attention.
Dealer/GGG: That'll be 30 bucks.
Buyer: Hey man, do you have change for a second 20?
Dealer/GGG: Nah dude, just take it for 20.
Buyer: That guy's such a GGG!
by spree11 April 11, 2012
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Giant Global Graph (GGG) was notably used the first time by the inventor of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee, on his blog.

Tim Berners-Lee thinks about the social network itself that is inside and between social-network Web sites such as Facebook. He assumes that people can use the word "Graph" to distinguish these from the "Web". Then he says that, although he called this graph the Semantic Web, maybe it should have been called the "Giant Global Graph".
"GGG" has been used several times by Berners-Lee and by others in other blogs. GGG may be described as the content plus pointers of the WWW transitioning to content plus pointers plus relationships plus descriptions.
Nerd: Dude who needs the world wide web when you can have the Giant Global Graph!

Brother: Get a life. GGG stands for good, giving, and game. Like my girlfriend...
by tango23 July 12, 2009
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